VACC Recommendations for the Enhancement of the


Province's Gateway Program, Cycling Plan Overview






The complete report - Gateway Program, Cycling Plan Overview, dated September 2005 may be read at



VACC has made a submission on the Cycling Plan Overview to the Gateway Program office, incorporating suggestions and comments made by cyclists. VACC comments ad sugegstions were inserted into the Cycling PLan Overview document (red letters and italicized).

The following transmittal letter was sent accompanying the submission.

"The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) wishes to provide its submission to the Gateway Project – Cycling Plan Overview issued September, 2005.

The VACC comments only on matters relating to cycling for transportation, either cycling to the destination or combining cycling and transit. The VACC does not comment on the proposed Gateway Project, its fit to the GVRD Liveable Region Strategy or similar municipal strategies, their transportation priorities, or their region or municipality directions.

The VACC is pleased that a portion of the proposed transportation program.

The VACC would request a meeting with the Gateway Project for detailed discussions of the recommendations in this submission."



If other suggestions come to mind, sent them in.

Comments on Cycling Plan